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Nothing is more precious than family. Perhaps you’re about to have your first baby, or your little ones are already reaching those milestones, like sitting up on their own, walking, or their first birthday; maybe you’ve sworn that your last baby really was the final one and you know you need to update the family album with one great photo of you all together “some time soon”. Whatever stage your family is at, all these moments are special and ones you’ll want to remember forever. So take time to notice the way your baby girl’s hair curls or how your little boy holds your hand and be sure to capture these things now before they grow up; then you will always be able to look back on these memories in such perfect detail that you feel like you’re experiencing it all over again.

Hey there!

I’m Jen (cue my introductory photo story to the right!)

Before we go any further, let me tell you that I love getting to know all about YOU! Knowing your baby, your family and the story that lead you to where you are now in life is so important to me because I want you to love the images we create together and that comes from you feeling comfortable with me and from me being able to portray just a little of that personality that’s unique to your baby or family.

If you’d like to read more about me and what our photo session together holds in store, head on over here in a moment, but before you do…

…tell me your story!



image credit: Georgina Piper Photography

Jonny and me, April '17


image credit: Georgina Piper Photography

baby Stitch, December '15


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